All of our products are developed from start-to-finish at our distillery in Toronto. We do not buy "neutral" spirit and flavour it (as many distilleries do) - that's just not what we believe in. By controlling the entire process through agricultural input, yeast, fermentation and distillation, we ensure all of our small batch products are worth taking home to share with friends and family.

As a result of our limited fermentation capacity and dedication to the full life-cycle of our spirits, we will occasionally sell out of products or limit availability. We will do our best to update the status of our products below; Please feel free to drop us a line by email or social media for up-to-the-minute availability.

  • Harbour Rum

    Aged in ex-Bourbon and toasted European oak, our Harbour Rum is the grown-up version of our white rum that critics have been raving about. With no added sugar, flavour or colour, experience what true rum expression should taste like.

    Status: Now Available

  • Harbour White (Rum)

    An unfiltered and unsugared rum, made from organic molasses fermented with wild yeast, cultivated right here in Ontario. Harbour Rum is distilled and proofed to 44% ABV, a full-bodied fruity spirit that rum experts are raving about. Harbour Rum scored a 90 from, ranking it one of their best white rums in the world.

    Status: Now Available

  • Liberties Vodka

    What originally began as a Libation Lab experiment, we loved it so much we gave it a full release. Rather than making a vodka that tastes like it came straight from an industrial chemical plant, we crafted a smooth sipper from Canadian-grown potatoes, and gave it a light filtration to develop one of the best "traditional" vodkas your lips have ever tasted.

    Status: Now Available

  • Kasutori Shochu

    What happens to pressed rice and koji after it's been fermented into sake? We set out to give the kasu from Izumi (right here in Toronto!) a second life by distilling it into a kasutori shochu using a traditional single distillation. A North American take on one of Asia's most popular spirits.

    Status: Now Available

  • Fiveward Dry Gin

    Finally, the gin you have all been asking for. We took our time releasing this one to get it just right. Using our secret recipe that was so popular in our Elderflower and Barrel-Aged gin, except with even more foraged botanicals! A true gin drinker will love this flowery, spicey, juniper-forward gin, made with flavour found right here in Ontario.

    Status: Returning Christmas 2018 (Email ahead!)

  • Lost Rivers Triple Sec

    Vapour infused (like gin) with hops, cardamom, coriander and loads of orange peels (both fresh and roasted), Lost Rivers Triple Sec is a compliment to any classic cocktail that calls for Triple Sec, Cointreau or Caraçao. Only lightly sweetened, it’s smooth, but still holds its own at 40% ABV.

    Status: Sold Out, Returning in 2019

The Libation Lab

This series of spirits is our sipping playground; An opportunity to experiment with a variety of ingredients and flavour profiles right here in our workshop. These limited small-batch releases are often only available seasonally or as a one-off. Some releases will return, others will not, but we always promise you a unique hand crafted spirit with every batch.

Below are a few of our upcoming releases.

  • Nocino (Walnut Liqueur)

    Foraged in late June while they're still unripe, Ontario grown walnuts are infused in custom distilled spirit and left to age for three years to drop out the walnut's harsh tannins. Sweetened and spiced, it's the perfect holiday sipper.

    Status: Christmas 2018 (Email ahead!)

  • Umeshu (Plum Liqueur)

    Raw green plums are de-stemmed and infused in higher-than-usual kasutori shochu along with Japanese rock sugar to create a delicate plum liquere that's the perfect balance of sweet and flowery in a bottle.

    Status: Spring 2019 (Email ahead!)

  • More releasing coming Spring/Summer 2019

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Previous Releases

"'Remember when' is the lowest form of conversation." - Tony Soprano

We disagree, clearly. We have released some incredible small-batch products, and we love looking back on the past as we plan for the future. Love any of these and want to see them back? Let us know by email! We're people pleasers - you never know.

Below are a few of our most popular previous Libation Lab releases.

  • Navy Strength Rum (White Label Release 2017)

    Bottled at 57%, our Navy Strength rum was a blend of our oldest Bourbon barrel-aged Rum. Here for only a limited time and in a limited number of bottles, count yourself amongst the lucky few who had a chance to sip on this treat.

    Status: Sold out

  • Apple Brandy, 2015 & 2016 Vintage (White Label Release 2018)

    A limited release that included part of a very small batch of 2015 Apple Brandy. No sugar, just hand-pressed goodness. Read more about this release here.

    Status: Sold out

  • Grappa (Acquavite di Vinaccia) 2016 Vintage

    What better way to explore our family heritage than distill the spirit so abundant in our hopes growing up? Using Niagara Lakeshore appellation grapes used to make wine at Adamo Estate Winery, this unaged "grape brandy" is perfect on ice after dinner.

    Status: Sold out

  • Limoncello

    It went from "Hey, my dad has a lemon tree...", to releasing a rich, semi-sweet dessert liqueur in no time flat. At 32% ABV, our Limoncello is the best lemon liqueur this side of Sorrento.

    Status: Returning Late 2019

  • Vodka (Potato)

    This vodka is part of our experimental series that focuses on a variety of local agricultural inputs to produce a clean drinking vodka. The first in this series is Canadian grown potatoes, one of the limited number of potato-based vodkas in the world (despite the belief that vodka is mostly made from potato!).

    Status: A modified version now in full release as "Liberties Vodka"!

  • Barrel Aged Gin

    A juniper-forward dry gin that we let rest in a Canadian Oak barrel we recently used to age a small batch of Apple Brandy. Using locally foraged juniper and angelica, this gin is light in colour, but huge in flavour - a gin lovers dream.

    Status: Sold out

  • Elderflower Gin

    We start with a dry gin, full of fresh organic juniper berries and locally foraged angelica root, then infuse it with fresh foraged Ontario Elderflowers. We slightly sweeten this one so it's great in a cocktail or just on ice.

    Status: Sold out

  • Harvest Spiced Rum

    As the growing season came to an end, so many of our garden botanicals and spices needed a home. We vapour infused the botanicals (like a gin) with our Harbour Rum and finished this off with some toasted sugar and a touch of fresh vanilla bean.

    Status: Sold out

  • Milk Whey Vodka

    Lactose is largely considered an unfermentable sugar; Until you find the right strain of yeast, that is. We used excess milk whey from Monforte Diary as part of an event raising awareness about food waste, fermented it, and distilled it into a unique vodka. It's the first of its kind in North America and one of only a few available in the world.

    Status: Sold out

Yongehurst Logo

As two long-time friends with a passion for spirits, history and hand-crafting everything, we set out to explore our families' proud traditions, while looking to develop a few traditions of our own.

As the culture of whisky and cocktails continues to grow in Ontario, the selection of interesting and available spirits isn't keeping up with the demand. As big supporters of independent craftspeople, from brewers to bartenders to baristas, we saw an opportunity to fill a void and share some of our knowledge and skill.

Makers by nature and by nurture, our desire to experiment and balance flavour and science will bring a series of unique spirits to the people and place we call home.

After years of planning and experimenting, Yongehurst Distillery Company is finally here in Toronto and we hope you're as excited as we are.

♥ John & Paul

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