Yongehurst Distillery Co
346 Westmoreland Ave N
Davenport (Ward 17), Toronto

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1 April, 2017

I strongly support Yongehurst Distillery Co’s application to the AGCO for a license to responsibly serve for-profit samples drinks by the glass, with indoor/outdoor seating, on premises at 346 Westmoreland Ave N (at Geary Ave).

I believe that businesses like Yongehurst Distillery can encourage the improvements underway here in Davenport, and specifically the area immediately surrounding Geary Ave. I believe that retail-manufacturing businesses who service the public improve the safety and walkability of our mixed-use neighbourhood and have the potential to positively contribute to the value of our home and community.

I understand that without the ability to generate income through sampling as part of scheduled tutored tastings, tours, workshops and classes, Yongehurst Distillery will not be able to continue servicing this community.

I encourage Ward 17 Councillor Cesar Palacio (416-392-0399, councillor_palacio@toronto.ca) to reinstate his support for Yongehurst Distillery’s plan and further, request approval from the AGCO for this application.


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